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Jet Setting With John Travolta!

Entertainment Tonight Online

February 19, 2002

ET sat down with an extra svelte JOHN TRAVOLTA on the set of 'Basic,' his latest military thriller. From the Oscar-nominated role he turned down to singing on the set with HARRY CONNICK JR., ET has the smokin' story hot off the set.

ET: So Oscar nominations just came in. (Co-star) HALLE BERRY got a nomination. What was your reaction?

JOHN TRAVOLTA: I was thrilled for Halle, she deserved a nomination. I was thrilled for my friend SEAN PENN. I was offered that movie, and many times I've been offered films that people have won Oscars or been nominated for ... there has always a bit of like, "Gee, I wonder if I had taken that ..." I'm happy for him because I love his acting. I think he deserves it.

ET: So, what is it like to be back in a military movie after 'General's Daughter'?

JOHN: For some reason, I'm very comfortable with the military atmosphere in movies. Even with 'Broken Arrow' and 'General's Daughter,' it seems comfortable to me. It feels good.

ET: What kind of research have you done for this role?

JOHN: Mostly I do research for these kinds of characters over the Internet. I get facts about the position that my character is in. I actually spent a day with this group of soldiers out near North Carolina.

There is a base where I spent time with Rangers. I threw grenades and fired shotguns. It was very helpful, because what I realize about these guys on the frontlines is that they are very naturally macho, because they are really doing heavy duty things. They are confronting life and death every day and the deaths of others every day.

ET: How have your prepared physically for the role?

JOHN: Well, I've been working out six days a week for a long time. It's been about a year and half, and probably for this part six months. I felt the character needed to be in top form. So here I am!

ET: You look great.

JOHN: Thank you.

ET: How are your kids doing?

JOHN: They're doing great. ELLA's talking up a storm and JETT is adorable as ever.

ET: So has Jett seen any of your old movies, and does he have a favorite?

JOHN: I would say 'Grease' and 'Look Who's Talking.' Ella, I'm going to introduce her to 'Grease' pretty soon, because she's getting to the age where I think she'll get a kick out of that.

ET: I had a chance to interview Harry (Connick Jr.) before you, and he said you two were practicing your singing talent.

JOHN: Yes! Harry Connick Jr. is a wonderful singer and writer. I just think whenever I see another singer, I just have to start singing!

ET: So what's next for you?

JOHN: I'm working on something that has nothing to do with show business. I'm hoping that I will see you soon to announce this! It's another venture in my life that I've been looking forward to since I was 5. It's pretty nice news, and I'm waiting to tell everybody that.

ET: So we don't get a hint?

JOHN: Oh you will -- you'll get an exclusive, I'm sure. I want to make sure that the deal is all squared away, but it's fun!