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Natural Born Hero

"If you got hurt, I'd protect you. I'd drag you out of a fire and put you on my shoulder."

February 27, 2001

From his birthday with Barbara Streisand to family values, JOHN TRAVOLTA invited MARK STEINES to his North Carolina movie set to play catch-up!

JOHN: Thanks for coming to North Carolina, it's a long way from Hollywood.

MARK: It is and nothing's real here, the hair's not real, the sweat's not real. The fire's real.

JOHN: The fire is real and yet fake, theoretically. (laughs)

MARK: Tell me about 'Domestic Disturbance.' Give me it in a nutshell, 15 seconds.

JOHN: Well I don't know how good I am at nutshells, but here is the nutshell. It's a Paramount thriller, which they are very good at, a divorced couple ... the ex-wife marries a new guy, the new guy is loved by everyone in town. I'm not the new guy; I'm the ex-husband. He turns out to be a bad guy, the new guy. And the trouble starts there. The son, no one believes him that the new guy's a bad guy, but I believe him because my son never lies to me. He is about 11 or 12. So then this bad guy does some bad things that the son witnesses, he then lets me know about him, and that's about all I'll tell.

MARK:You are there to take care of business, you're the hero?

JOHN: I'm the hero in this piece.

MARK: Are you a natural-born hero?

JOHN: I don't know, you tell me. (laughs) Am I?

MARK: Do you have the instincts to like, in a burning house, run in and take care of business?

JOHN: Oh, I see what you mean. Yeah, I'm a brave soul. I'm good in emergencies. I've been in a few emergencies in my life, and I handled them well. If you got hurt, I'd protect you. I'd drag you out of a fire and put you on my shoulder, and, you know ...

MARK: ... carry me out.

JOHN: Lose some weight in the process. (laughs)

MARK: Well, tell me about that!

JOHN: For about nine months I've been working on losing some weight and I've been successful. I've lost about 12-15 pounds.

MARK: And you are doing it the old-fashioned way.

JOHN: Exercise, but not dieting.

MARK: No dieting?

JOHN: Mostly exercise and I've eaten less.

MARK: Not on the fad Atkins Hollywood diet?

JOHN: What is the Hollywood diet anyway?

MARK: Starve? Binge and purge? I don't know -- you tell me.

JOHN: I don't know, I've heard about it for years, but I don't know what it is. I've never been on it. Exercise I know about from high school. You exercise, you lose weight.

MARK: Do you have a trainer?

JOHN: I do have a trainer. I have to. I can't do this on my own. (laughs)

MARK: So you're not self-motivated?

JOHN: Not when it comes to exercise. From years ago I got burned out on it, so I need someone to be right by my side. If you stop doing your job and you want a new job, come and be my trainer.

MARK: I'll come work out with you.

JOHN: Or, I will be your trainer if I leave my job. Either way we will be each other's trainer.

MARK: Ok, fat chance of you losing your job. Now, you just had your birthday.

JOHN: I did.

MARK: How did you spend it?

JOHN: I spent it on my airplane with Barbra Streisand and JIM BROLIN, and we had dinner on the plane, and that was my birthday. Of course my wife was with me.

MARK: Did you just fly in circles?

JOHN: No, we were on the ground. I'm eccentric and I just wanted them to see the plane and be on it.

MARK: And what was their reaction?

JOHN: Oh, they loved it, and I loved to have them.

MARK: Since we are on the flying subject matter, KELLY (PRESTON) is on her way. How long has it been since you saw her?

JOHN: Two days. (laughs)

MARK: And you are glowing like this?

JOHN: Well I am, because when you are on location you want the family to be with you. My son came with me right after my BARBARA WALTERS interview, and Kelly was delayed because she had to finish her movie. So, she finished last night and then she's coming. She's en route right now. So tomorrow the whole family will be together, the way they should be.

MARK: You were actually working here when you found out about Tom (Cruise) and Nicole (Kidman). What was your reaction?

JOHN: Just that everyone has their own relationship and whatever it is is whatever it is, it's different from others, and I'm sure they had their reasons. You move on.

MARK: A lot of people are so curious as to why ... do we need to know? I don't want to say do we have a right to know, because we don't. But how much, that's the question. How much should people know about what happened with Tom and Nicole?

JOHN: (laughs) Nothing, it's nobody's business. They're two human beings. We're in a tough world, no different than the couple in Okalahoma that has issues. I don't know, I have a very simple viewpoint on privacy and I feel that everyone has the right to privacy, even though there is the first amendment, but I don't think that has anything to do with privacy.