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Note: this VERY INTERESTING interview was found in German language and translated (by Google)
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John Travolta turns each year 2 to 3 films, his newest, "Domestic Disturbance", starts now. Nevertheless he finds time for his dearest private interests: eat, drink, fly and his children. Interview by Elizabeth Sereda.

SKIP: In "Domestic Disturbance" you play a divorced man, whose child the new man is delivered in the life of his ex woman. Privately you are happily married with two children. How could you imagine yourself into the role of the father and its fear around its child?

John Travolta: The concern therefore, which happens, if a marriage does not function, and how children suffer from it, puts, believes I, in us all. I considered myself for a long time whether I would not have tried in this situation because of the child to save the marriage. With which I had not counted, was the fear, which I felt, if I only remembered, what with my children in so a case would happen. Completely easily me the identification with the father fell as Beschuetzer. I like it is white, if one is total strange humans opposite regarding the own children paranoid. Before I was married and children had, stood I mean nephews and nieces very close, but only if you get children, you know the feeling that you would give your life for her.

SKIP: Defender-stunk in you stronger became, than you got your daughter?

John Travolta: I believe, the difference between son and daughter lies in nature. There is the strong nut/mother son connection, which one can explain purely emotional, and the same applies to father daughter relations. On it one does not have to work hard as parents. My relationship with my son Jett I had to fight for on the other hand hard. One plays, one speaks, one loves with very many thoughts behind it. With a girl is pre-programmed: you know each second, how she feels, where she is.

SKIP: The disparity in age between Jett and Ella is 8 years. Was your son at first jealous on the family increase?

John Travolta: Fortunately not. He was glad that we finally busy with someone else. Eight years long we were appropriate for him to feet and made him the center of our life. He was welfare glad the fact that he had finally times break... (laughs)... Ella was the center at one time, and him that was very quite.

SKIP: John, you play nearly alternating once the good one and then again the bad ones. What makes for you more fun?

John Travolta: If the roles are well written, then both makes for fun. Which I liked at the type, which I played in "Domestic Disturbance", then, were its errors. He is a former alcoholic, who had much pitch. He calls himself  'nobler failures', but he tries to stand over it. He is not perfect, but he becomes the hero.

SKIP: You look very good. Did you decrease voluntarily or for a role?

John Travolta: I train now six days per week, because the older I will, becomes the clearer me that I cannot afford the luxury of the putrid unity any longer. Naturally I go still gladly to McDonalds and Denny's. But I began to train because it became too stupid me that I was continuing except breath. Sadly, because actually I like me, if I am fat. That is many merrier: you eat, you sleep and you watch television. Unfortunately at the end even in addition the energy is missing to you. If you down-look and notice, you resemble ever more your hechelnden dog, then you go better into the Fitness-center... (laughs).

SKIP: How did your life change after 11 September? You fly your own airplanes, strengthen you the security checks now?

John Travolta: Yes, I let go before each flight search dogs through the machine and a police officer flies with me also. From flies I make what all do refrained. I am careful with the post office, which I get. And I ensure, but that my home is safe.

SKIP: Do you see Hollywood now with other eyes? Do you select yourself projects on the basis of other criteria?

John Travolta: If one means last film "Swordfish" would analyze so correctly, then one would have to call him anti-terror film. And the public sees it also in such a way obvious, because 11 September nothing changed in the fact that he brings still much money in.

SKIP: How do you think as a democrat of the war, which the USA lead now?

John Travolta: For years I that the people are to read the book Dianetics, preach because go there it exactly around this intention: no war, no crime, no insanity. This war is more religious no. That is a war over insanity, because if you regard the religions exactly, then you notice fast that they want everything only property in the reason. Thus, read Dianetics.

SKIP: You must say that as Scientologist. Apropos Scientology sect: what ran inclined with your Scientology sect film Battlefield Earth ? Was it made bad, was bad marketing or was wrongly selected the time?

John Travolta: I am very proud on Battlefield Earth . The film up to now nevertheless brought in 80 million dollar. That is a commercial sucess. And which concerns the artistic judgement, then even George Lucas and Quentin Tarantino praised this film, and those are the people, whose opinion is important to me.

SKIP: Why did you actually never turn a musical film after Saturday Night Fever and Grease again?

John Travolta: Musical today unfortunately a minority category became. Perhaps the people also forgot, as one makes them correct. I would turn very gladly again a musical film, but I am not capable obviously of convincing studios of it.

SKIP: You rejected however the straight offer to play the main role in "Chicago"?

John Travolta: Yes, because I do not understand "Chicago" simply. Those offered the role to me already three times, but for me is "Chicago" more one read Vegas revue than a musical. It is much too flat and boring.

SKIP: You listed once all films, which were offered to you, and which you rejected. And admitted that you should have made few of it better. Now Richard Gere plays the role in "Chicago". Are you sure that you will not also once repent that?

John Travolta: Yes... (laughs)... I am sure that Richard will be much better than I. "Chicago" is not A Chorus LINE , and has not this dimension.

SKIP: Which other roles went to other actors, after you did not want them?

John Travolta: "As Good As It Gets". I could not see myself in the role, while Jack Nicholson played her brilliantly. Good wants Hunting . Robin Williams made something from this part, which I would have never created. Differently as if "Get S\horty", where I knew immediately, how I must concern the role. Or Primary Colors - me was clear in the first moment, as I must play the presidency candidate, who was obvious to Bill Clinton.

SKIP: You are friendly with Clinton - did he ever say something to you about this film?

John Travolta: Yes, he laughed. It is absolutely brilliant, one of the most intelligent heads of the world. Which totally funny happened to me one month ago. I had an two and a half-hour meeting with Clinton, but the first half hour - when I sat so there and observed him - I could concentrate on nothing, which he said. Everything that I could think was: Man, I was good in Primary Colors.