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'Swordfish' Dish!

"Well, the look, I decided to go with sort of a Euro-trash...."

May 29, 2000

The tasty JOHN TRAVOLTA is back yet again -- this time with a Euro-flavor! MARK STEINES sat down with the disco dude himself to get the inside scoop.

MARK: Let's start with the title, 'Swordfish.' I know what a swordfish is, but is this a special meaning?

JOHN: Yeah, it was a special government black operation -- a secret operation that the government set up years ago for a slush fund for all the drug traffic. Swordfish was the kind of name for that operation.

MARK: Tell me about the look.

JOHN: Well, the look, I decided to go with sort of a Euro-trash.

MARK: Is that why you wanted to do this, because it's so unlike what you have done in the past?

JOHN: You know me, I always look for something different in each project. You know there is a limit to how many genres you can do. I decided this was going to be a different take or different twist on the genre that everyone is familiar with, the action/thriller genre.

MARK: What are we seeing today? What's going on inside?

JOHN: I've hired Hugh Jackman to be kind of a hacker here. He's a famous hacker actually, he's been put away for it earlier in the scenario and he has a lot of trepidation about even touching a computer because he could be put away again for it. So I hire him to basically find a worm where we can find access to this fund that Swordfish represented years ago so I can fight terrorism personally. He's a patriot of some sort.

MARK: So, you've actually talked him into doing something that he doesn't want to do?

JOHN: He does not want to do it, but he's doing it for personal reasons, he's doing it so his daughter can be bailed out of a certain situation that he doesn't like.

MARK: I saw Halle Berry floating around the set up here.

JOHN: She is my sidekick -- kind of my girlfriend but we don't know for sure. We are on the government operation and Hugh Jackman doesn't really know what we're about, he's just trying to figure it out. He just wants to do his computer work and get out of Dodge, and Halle and I have to keep him enticed.

MARK: Now Halle's had a lot of success lately. She doesn't bring her Emmys to the set, does she?

JOHN: Not yet, but she wants to.

MARK: Was she someone you looked forward to working with? You haven't in the past, have you?

JOHN: I've never worked with her, but she's done some wonderful work. Her and Hugh Jackman were together before in 'X-Men,' so they were very comfortable together. It's a very nice combination of people, I think.

MARK: How does Kelly (Preston, his wife) respond (to John's new look)?

JOHN: She loves it.

MARK: Because this is permanent, this doesn't come off.

JOHN: She hasn't seen this yet, but she is coming to the set today. So, I'll be ready to throw her.

MARK: Do you ever leave a set where you create a style or a look and you say, "I kind of like it."

JOHN: I would love this, you know.

MARK: And leave it in, so do you have separation anxiety when the movie is over?

JOHN: At the end of the day my hairdresser has to take this off and I have to look at my own hair loss.