Some quotes...

what's the quote: "John, he's got plenty to learn, but he will. And then he'll
use it correctly. When I saw Urban Cowboy, I said: 'The kid got it all'"
who's quoted: James Cagney, 1980

what's the quote: Interviewer: "Did you cast John Travolta because of his popularity on "Welcome Back, Kotter"?"
BDP: "No. I cast him before that. In fact, I never saw that series. He doesn't have a big part in "Carrie".
But John was always the best for the role. He helped immensely. He was very cooperative, very helpful."
who's quoted: Brian DePalma, the director of "Carrie"

what's the quote: "John taught me about the roller-coaster ride of celebrity.
You're only as good as your last movie. He said he figured
out what was important to him - what he liked doing and
how he wanted to live - instead of trying to get other's approval"
who's quoted: Kirstie Alley, coaster of "Look who's talking"

what's the quote: "I lose so many wedding rings that every time I see her it's a new one," Travolta says in the January issue of Harper's Bazaar. But his wife, Kelly Preston isn't threatened by his absentmindedness.
"I know he's not fooling around or anything," she said. "It's just that he goes to the spa and loses them. He gets in the car and loses them. He loses them on the set, or at dinners. Sometimes we find them again. He has a box of them by the bed."
who's quoted: John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston

what's the quote: "John is the most sensitive, considerate, romantic man I've ever known"
who's quoted: Kelly Preston, 1991

what's the quote: "Everything about my husband is sexy, especially his lips"
who's quoted: Kelly Preston, speaking to People magazine

what's the quote: "It drove me crazy in the last five years seeing John in the
movies he's been in. I looked at them and said "Why aren't
the directors taking advantages of him?" Don't they know
they have this great natural resource out there?"
who's quoted: Quentin Tarantino, 1994

what's the quote: "I've promised myself that I'm going to play hardball, not be charmed by this guy who everybody tells me is a sweetheart, and ask him some tough questions about Scientology and sexuality. Then he turns on this big, broad white smile and flashes eyes that twinkle with joy and intelligence and I immediately turn into a moronic ass kisser."
who's quoted: some interviewer, 1997

what's the quote: "I've worked with a lot of big stars, and he's the only one
who's ever actually knocked on my trailer door just to
come in to talk and hang out"
who's quoted: Christian Slater, coaster of "Broken Arrow"