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REPORTER: John, the movie Swordfish has come out and it shows you as sort of an innocent patriot, with a whatever it takes attitude to life, how do you feel about that?

JOHN: We’ll that scene where we blow up the building has got anything from applause to a standing ovatation. But what you have to remember is that it’s a movie that you’re watching, with all the special effects.

REPORTER: I noticed a few Travoltas among the hostage cast

JOHN: Yes I put my sisters and brothers in as hostages. I wanted to see what they looked like strapped to C7 Explosives.

REPORTER: John, you have described Hugh Jackman as a young Sean Connery or Clint Eastwood. Can you draw any comparisons?

JOHN: Oh absolutely, Hugh can have any kind of career he wants. I mean I admire his work.

REPORTER: In the movie you say that the problem with Hollywood is they make crap, do you feel that way?

JOHN: No I don’t. It was just good for the character to say that. But it was a great line.

REPORTER: Would you like to make a film here in Australia at some point?

JOHN: I would always like to make a movie in Australia. The first time I came to Australia I promoted “Urban Cowboy” in 1980, and I loved “Breaker Morant”, Australian film, and I promoted “Breaker Morant” more than I promoted my own film. The consequence was that both films went through the roof, both did excellent. It was true. But ever since then I’ve loved the country, and the countryside.

I mean the thing with Australia is you have Hugh, and Russell Crowe and we could do a musical. I mean the last big musical Hollywood ever had was my film.

REPORTER: You have worked with Halle Berry what's she like to work with?

JOHN: Oh she’s an incredibly talented actress. We got along famously.

REPORTER: You’ve worked with two Australians, Olivia Newton John and now Hugh, any observations about Australia?

JOHN: I have so many connections to Australia. The Bee Gees, my old friends, Bryan Brown, Russell. I have a very deep respect and I have a very deep respect for how serious they are about their art. They are very comfortable to be around, and I first saw this with Olivia.

REPORTER: John, I'm hearing rumours about a sequel to “The Generals Daughter”, is that going to happen?

JOHN: Clint, we’ll there writing sequels to a few of my films. Generals Daughter, Get Shorty and Pulp Fiction. If it comes to me, and I read it, it’s good and it’s the right time, we’ll then yeah, sure. All those films yeah.

REPORTER: John, you have your own plane?

JOHN: Yeah, that’s so important to me. I mean it’s an Old Qantas jet. That plane changed the world. Changed the face of the planet. When we landed in Melbourne, everyone was out on the runaway from Qantus checking out this god damn plane.

REPORTER: Give us a demo of John Travolta communicating with the tower?

JOHN: I say “G’Day”. I think I’ll have to work on the accent.

REPORTER: how would you go with an Aussie accent?

JOHN: I mean any chance you get with your voice or accent it’s fun. A Challenge.

REPORTER: What about children, any more on the way John?

JOHN: We’ll we have two now. And in a couple of years we might like for a new one. I love being a parent.

REPORTER: I Read that you were once offered 2 million dollars to donate your sperm?

JOHN: That’s 1983 dollars! (laughs) I was working on a film called “Staying Alive”and had to get into perfect shape. They did a great job on my body. I think a promoter said I’ve been offered a million U.S Dollars for it, and then of course it went up.

REPORTER: Any Directions you want to fulfil?

JOHN: There’s always directions out there. As an actor, as a writer. This part in Swordfish is proof.

REPORTER: What do you think of the “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever” revivals around the world?

JOHN: I think that’s great. A Job well done. Very popular. I'm very proud of both those movies. They have stood up to time so well. I watch bits and pieces of my own movies from time to time, but remember I have a baby.

I tell you something funny. When on the set of “Saturday Night Fever”, I use to sing it as “I got shoes, they’re made of plywood!”