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Here are some cool John Travolta stuff to download....


Computer Stuff:     (to download: right button on the link   =>  "save target as...")

=>  Download Icons
icons for folders and shortcuts.
the icons are zipped, extract them and you'll see the pictures.

=>  Download Winamp Skin
don't extract this zip file!!! put it to your skins directory,
and then use the winamp skin browser to view it.


Movie Trailers, Premieres and Interviews:

* from "Hollywood.com"

* from "E! Online"


Sounds: (to download midi: right button on the link => "save target as")

Grease Soundtracks:

* Greased Lightnin'                                                              Lyrics

* Grease is the Word                                         Midi                               Lyrics

* Summer Nights                                      Midi 1    Midi 2                            Lyrics

* Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee                          Midi                               Lyrics

* Hopelessly Devoted to You                            Midi                                   Lyrics

* Sandy                                                             Midi                              Lyrics

* There are Worse Things I could do                  Midi                                   Lyrics

* You're the One that I Want                    Midi 1    Midi 2                      Lyrics

* We Go Together                                            Midi                                   Lyrics


"Pulp Fiction" sounds:

* "Pulp Fiction" midi

"Staying Alive" (Bee Gees)    Midi   /  Lyrics

The First John Travolta's Hit Single -  "Let Her In" (1976)      Part1   Part2   Part3   Part4   Part5   Part6   Part7    * Lyrics

every part is a very small file!
download all the parts of each song, put them in the same folder and extract the song with the program "winrar".
if you don't have the program go HERE
*to download: click with the right button on the link => "save target as".   *to extract: open one of the files and press on "extract to".

John Travolta's other songs:

* Whenever I'm Away From You
* Never Gonna Fall in Love Again
* All Strung Out on You
* Big Trouble
* I Don't Know What I Like About You Baby
* Rainbows
* Back Doors Crying
* Razzamatazz
* Moonlight Lady
* Settle Down
* You Set My Dreams to Music
* Right Time of the Night
* Goodnight Mr. Moon
* It Had To Be You
* A Girl Like You
* Baby, I Could Be So Good At Lovin' You
* (Feels So Good) Slow Dancing
* Can't Let You Go
* Easy Evil
* Two Sleepy People (duet with Carly Simon)
* What Would They Say (theme from "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble")
* Take A Chance (with Olivia Newton-John from "Two of a Kind")
* Twist of Fate (Olivia Newton-John from "Two of a Kind")
* Shaking You (Olivia Newton-John from "Two of a Kind")
* (Livin' In) Desperate Times (Olivia Newton-John from "Two of a Kind")

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